Archive for October 2021

Nikki and Kalai scare each other while they explore Thailand’s culture by reading scary stories from Reddit’s r/nosleep about Thai supernatural storie...View Details

This week’s shorty, Nikki and Kalai continue with the last story for last week’s episode about a Singaporean’s ghostly encounter while riding the ‘las...View Details

Nikki and Kalai live up to their podcast name and have a true creepy conversation about house hauntings, ghost stories from Singapore's National Secur...View Details

This week, Nikki talks about the Zodiac Killer being possibly identified and Kalai talks about the mystery surrounding the disappearance and reappeara...View Details

Nikki and Kalai cover the unfortunate Anne Anne Kindergarten Stabbing. They talk about how the system failed both the victims and perpetrator, and how...View Details

This week's shorty, Nikki and Kalai talk about a dream that might prove that Nikki is a seer and Kalai covers Iran's first female serial killer who wa...View Details

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