Archive for September 2021

Nikki and Kalai cover the Murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi. His case was the first documented hate crime againsts Sikhs after the 9/11 attacks. Balbir was...View Details

This week’s shorty, Nikki and Kalai talk about French doctor turned serial killer Marcel Petiot and find out why a Yakuza wannabe attacked Japanese ac...View Details

Nikki and Kalai tackle the mysterious death and imprisonment of Otto Warmbier in North Korea. Did he actually steal something from North Korea or was ...View Details

This week Nikki and Kalai cover the Zuiyo Maru carcass found by Japanese fishermen in the coast of Chistchurch, New Zealand. Is it possibly a plesiosa...View Details

Nikki and Kalai discuss the theories surrounding the disappearance of respected Chinese biochemist and explorer, Peng Jiamu in the Lop Nur desert. Is ...View Details

Nikki and Kalai talk about the trolls that tried to sell a whole ass country, an MRT and even the Singaporean Prime Minister on an online buy & se...View Details

Nikki and Kalai cover Japan’s most famous and most baffling unsolved case, the Setagaya family murder. Was the murderer just a reckless man or did he ...View Details

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