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Nikki and Kalai take a closer look at the San Juanico Bridge, the urban legends that circulated because of its construction, and the possible ghost th...View Details

It's the very first shorty Nikki and Kalai recorded together! A follow-up of the MH370 episode with additional details from Nikki's Rolls Royce engine...View Details

Nikki and Kalai take on the biggest airline mystery in this century, the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370). They discuss the time...View Details

Kalai covers the spooky hauntings and horrific murders in biggest hotel in the world, The First World Hotel in Genting Highlands

Nikki and Kalai covers the Taiwanese serial killer, Chen Jui-Chin, as known as the Chiayi Demon. Was this man stupidly desperate for money? Or was he ...View Details

Nikki discusses 2021's additional excitement, Earth's Final Destination 2.0, where debris of a falling rocket booster is said to crash at an unknown p...View Details

Nikki and Kalai put their detective hats on as they cover one of Singapore’s most disturbing unsolved cases, the Geylang Bahru murders or the Tan Fami...View Details

This week, Kalai takes you to Thailand and covers a burglar that got too comfy in the victim’s house.Subscribe on Patreon for uncut videos and exclusi...View Details

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