Archive for May 2021

Nikki and Kalai relive their childhood nightmare as they talk about the terrifying Tiyanak from the Philippines, and the hilarious ways people used to...View Details

As requested by you creepers, Nikki covers the Southeast Asian dwarf / gnome from the Philippines - the Duwende. She shares her friend's encounter wit...View Details

Nikki and Kalai take a closer look at the case of Thailand's boogeyman, Si Ouey. Did he really commit those murders or was he a victim of coercive pol...View Details

Nikki and Kalai talk about the four infamous creatures from Myanmar (Burma): Chay Kalein Ma (twisted-leg lady), Chee sar sone (faeces-eating witch), P...View Details

Nikki spills the deets on why the 1441 lottery number sold out because of an eerie Chinese New Year car accident that happened in Tanjong Pagar Road, ...View Details

Trigger warning: this episode covers very a graphic and disturbing topic with mentions of suicide and suicidal thoughts.Ever vented your feelings onli...View Details

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