Archive for October 2020

This week, Gabby and Kalai take on the most audacious and manipulative fraudster and serial killer they’ve ever covered. Find out how he escaped ...View Details

Gabby and Kalai discuss the one of the infamous supernatural creatures from China -  the vampire-zombie hybrid, the Jiang Shi. Find out their origin a...View Details

With the help of an article titled 7 places in Singapore that might be super haunted, this week, Gabby and Kalai explore the (possibly) haunted plac...View Details

Gabby and Kalai look deeper in the Church of Almighty God, most known as Eastern Lightning. Are they just a bunch of scammers who believe that Jesus...View Details

Gabby and Kalai take on the injustice and murder of Jennifer Laude. They discuss the side of Jennifer that no one talks about, and why the murderer ...View Details

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