Archive for September 2020

Get to know the darker and more sinister version of Hogwarts in this week’s Shorty. Kalai talks about the Scholomance, the Transylvanian legend of a s...View Details

Gabby and Kalai give a break down on what happened on the disturbing and unfortunate murder of Fan Man-Yee and why it’s dubbed as the Hello Kitty Murd...View Details

Gabby and Kalai touch upon South Korea’s most famous paranormal creature, the nightmare called the gwisin. Learn about the different kinds of gwisin, ...View Details

Gabby shares ghostly hauntings in her childhood bedroom and paranormal activities she, her family and friends have experienced in other parts of her h...View Details

Gabby and Kalai tackle their grossest and the worst mythical creature they’ve ever covered, the slick and oily Orang Minyak of Malaysia. Find out how ...View Details

In this week’s shorty, Kalai shares stories she about people stuck with unexpected guests who should’ve moved on to the afterlife, while in quarantine...View Details

For third and last part of our Aum Shinrikyo series, Kalai and Gabby talk about how the cult evaded both the police and the Yakuza, the other attacks ...View Details

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