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Get to know the two versions of the Javanese mythical creature Wewe Gombel as Kalai tells you how Indonesian parents use her to scare their children, ...View Details

In the second of three parts on Japan’s Deadliest Cult, Aum Shinrikyo, Gabby and Kalai dive into how the cult gained their following in Japan and Russ...View Details

Gabby recounts random freak accidents in the past week or two, all around the world, that caused untimely deaths - final destination style.Subscribe o...View Details

This week, in the first of three parts on Japan’s Dealiest Cult, Aum Shinrikyo, Gabby and Kalai take on how the levitating, one-eyed bully turned into...View Details

In this week’s shorty, get to know the Hindu god of Destruction, Shiva - as Kalai discusses who he is, what he does and how much he loves his wife. Su...View Details

Gabby and Kalai take a closer look at the missing cases in China and get to know one of the terrifying serial killers from China, Gong Runbo, who unfo...View Details

Gabby highlights why August is lit - literally. She lists down 6 major explosions and fire outbreaks that happened all in the same week at different p...View Details

Gabby and Kalai talk about the creepy hitch-hiker from Jayuro Highway in South Korea and they get to know the ways of the ancient Persian demon clan, ...View Details

Start your week right as Kalai covers crazy, non-Covid19 news that happened during quarantine that you might have missed which will leave you asking i...View Details

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