Archive for July 2020

Gabby and Kalai talk about the highway hitchhiker urban legend who just wants to go home and the mass possessions of Nepal's Ghost Festival.   Subscri...View Details

Gabby reminds everyone that Coronavirus is still a rampant social hazard, and shares how law enforcers and practitioners have recruited the help of pa...View Details

Gabby and Kalai learn scamming 101 from this week’s “church leaders” and they find their ideal ultimate gesture of love from the Church of Baptist sca...View Details

In Kalai’s first shorty, she goes out of this world and covers declassified UFO sightings, and explains what Blink182 former vocalist Tom DeLonge has ...View Details

On the second of the two-part series, Gabby and Kalai further discuss police brutality in the Philippines towards foreigners, and the rise of such vio...View Details

Hey there creeper! Kalai & Gabby are now releasing shorties (mini episodes), separately hosted by the girls every Monday, to share your suggested ...View Details

The first of a two-part series, Gabby and Kalai put on their serious faces as they talk about the infuriatingly real horror, in the Philippines, durin...View Details

Gabby and Kalai talk about the legend of the killer electric fans in South Korea, and do a deeper dive on the magical city of Biringan in the Philippi...View Details

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