Archive for June 2020

Gabby and Kalai go over a list of haunted places in their hometown - Cebu, and learn disturbing facts like a hotel exclusively housing a cult inside t...View Details

Gabby and Kalai tackle the psychology of doomsday cults and the 1987 incident of the Odaeyang mass suicide/massacre in South Korea. Subscribe on Patre...View Details

Gabby and Kalai talk about the scandalous Nepalese Royal Massacre, and get ready to share your frustrations with the girls as they dig deep into the m...View Details

Trailer - Creepy Convos

Hey there creeper! Kalai and Gabby are here to talk about creepy, morbid & macabre stuff from Asia. But because they’re scaredy cats, they o...View Details

Gabby and Kalai scare each other out with urban legends about the abandoned Kuldhara village in India, and Japanese masked beauty and infamous yokai, ...View Details

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